My Antidepressants

There has been a photo floating around on social media lately. It has a terrible taste in my mind. I have tried to let it go, after I commented on each post of course. It shows a beautiful forest in the background with the words “this is an anti-depressant”, below it is a picture of a pile of pills and I think it says,

I’m Not Ready for Kindergarten, still


I’ve got these two really cool kids. They drive me crazy sometimes, make me late sometimes. They’ve made me cry, and yell; even lose my temper. We spend a lot of time together.
Sometimes when we have been on a long string of Mommy and boys time I get that song stuck in my head “Where ever we go,

Simple, Pretty, Chicken Appetizer

chick app collage


1 package crescent rolls (I use pillsbury, they don’t stick together or tear easily)
1 package cream cheese (softened)
6 medium sized chicken breasts
3 celery stalks
garlic powder
onion powder
italian seasoning
egg white


A Delegate is……

Ask anyone if they can explain how the delegates work, anyone, and the majority will say, well the population + this and the # of delegates has to meet……or it has to do with the democrats and republicans and the most popular vote, or just a bunch of other bull shit answers.

I’m not a political guru but I watch this crap daily,

Why I Do It

Lying here in the bed of my hotel suite, as I try to type, I am weeping. I’ve cried over the lives of hundreds of people I never met. I was graciously invited to attend the SAM event, a suicide awareness memorial, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I lost someone a year ago today to suicide.

In Case You Wanted to Know


I have lived with depression for almost 20 years, I have learned to manage it over this time. I am much better at recognizing signs now; early so I can fix it before I get really unstable. Along with my depression there are times I have to manage other issues. These issues pop up in my life periodically,

The Boob Book 2

This is an old post I am resubmitting without pictures! I had a lot of fun writing this a few years ago when I was still nursing Frankie. He used to love to go from my left boob to my right and back and forth, so I always used to think of the Dr. Suess book,

Pretty Veggie App


This veggie app takes a little time to prep, but I think it is worth it. It is such a pretty way to present some nice, fresh, crisp vegetables with just a little herbed cream cheese spread on to add a little zip.  If you wanted to go Paleo you dod not need to add the cheese spread.

lilacs, outdoors,

Pay It Forward For Free

lilacs, outdoors,I think many would agree when I say this world is getting harsher and harsher as the days go on. We are exposed to more than we ever were before. World wide we see crime and hate.  As we get access to more media and the world literally at our finger tips at all times,

Generic Train Birthday Party

I love having a theme for any birthday party, if you are young or old. Frankie was turning two and this felt like a big deal. His birthday is September 19th. In New England you never know what kind of a day you will have at that time of the year. Lucky for us it was gorgeous out,


If You Could Change One Thing

Do you ever think about being able to change one thing in your life? Honestly I have never thought that much about it until tonight. I mean I always wish for things, I wish I could go on vacation or update my kitchen or have three mores hours in everyday. But tonight as I was driving home fantasizing about not having to live with mental health issues,


Why it takes Me Three Days to Mow the Lawn


It ranges between 2-3 days of time when it comes to mowing the lawn. This week I started on a Thursday and finished on Sunday; well at least the front. I still have to do the back yard. But that is how it goes around here. I still have laundry folded that’s sitting on the love seat and a basket to fold downstairs.

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